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Trying to be just like dad!!


In my second Blog I will be talking about Political Socialization. Political Socialization is the way Americans get their political beliefs. Which in all case I think every American has a political socialization. The four most influences on political socialization would be Parents and Family, Peer and Friends, Media, and School. I believe that many of our childhoods determine our political views. Something that makes me believe inthis is the fact that 60% of Americans keep the political party of their parents until death. Also only 9-10% of H.S Seniors are on the side of a different political party than their parents. I believe that we are attached more with our parent’s decision because we are always with them and try to copy their steps. We watch what they watch or hear their opinions on what’s good or bad. Our parents educate us and they introduce us to some of our beliefs, traditions, and our religion our faith. These beliefs and traditions willstay with most of us until death. Some kids believe everything their parents’ do is Ok like if we were all brainwashed by our parents. Peer is a big thing for example peer pressure can scare you from many things and the groups we hang out with can have a huge development on the way we think and act with different things. Also the media is a way to brain wash kids. We receive misinformation from the news or different the web. The news always gives out there perspective of the story so you will usually see the news or TV shows that makes you feel more comfortable with your beliefs. The thing that always happens is that you can be watching your local news where the news producers make some one look really bad by showing a bad picture of them or showing bad records. You have to keep in mind that the media also picks a side. In schools I believe the U.S brainwashes all the students with their own opinion off everything. For example in the History book all we see is good things that have happened in the U.S or bad things that make other countries look worst than ours. We don’t see another side of the story but USA’s. I believe that’s wrong because they’re not really letting you explore they’re just giving you their point of view so you can have it stuck in your head that way. We all have a different ways to find our political beliefs but I think opening your eyes and seeing things in different ways can help you pick the best one. Even though it can be the worst way to get informed it can also be the best way to get informed, that’s why I believe that the media (Web) is the most significant out of all of them. The web can really open your eyes with different articles, videos, blogs, and real life situations. There’s a lot of bloggers out their with so many different opinions that will let you see things in a different way.

You’re being Brainwashed!!



One thought on “Blog #2

  1. Thanks for your post Juan. How do you think YOU specifically have been politically socialized? Do you share similar political beliefs as your parents?


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